Tempura Carp



Marinate carp fillet in 100g of sea salt and 1ltr of fresh water to purge over night. The next day drain and marinate in sesame seed oil and a splash of soy sauce and garlic. Slice mushrooms and put in bowl, reserve for late use - keep enoki mushrooms for garnish. Peel asparagus spears top and tail veg and slice capsicum into batons.

Reduction & butter sauce: Combine our white wine, juice of ½ a lemon and diced lemongrass. Place on the heat, add cream and reduce two thirds, then add butter off the stove until sauce thickens slightly.

Tempura batter: sieve flours together in a bowl, whisk egg white with a drop of ice mineral water and pinch of salt. With chop stick whisk in lightly together, add more ice water if need be. Dry carp pieces by lightly passing through corn flour into batter. Fry in Wok with oil brought to 180c. When the carp pieces float to top the carp is cooked, now do the same with the mushrooms. Drain mushrooms and the carp on kitchen paper.

Garnish: Fry all garnish ingredients together until crisp and drain on kitchen paper, season with sea salt.

Plate: Lightly blanch greens in salted boiling water, drain and arrange on plate, top with Tempura mushrooms and carp.

To finish: Drizzle butter sauce around the plate. Top with fried garnish, sesame seeds and enoki mushrooms.

Paul's Tip: This dish would be great with Bream, flathead, snapper - any white fish. When I cook carp again I am going to smoke it, I believe carp would be wonderful smoked. Carp is crying out to be smoked. I can’t wait to experiment again with this abundant and sustainable fish. Happy cooking! cheers Paul .




1x carp skinless fillet, blood/mud line & bones removed
50g shitake mushroom
50g enoki mushrooms
50g oyster mushroom
50g snow peas
50g asparagus
1pnt baby coriander herbs
50mls light soy sauce
10mls sesame seed
Baby Coriander
1 small red capsicum
Zest of one lime
Zest of one lemon
1 x garlic clove peeled and sliced fine
1 x long red chilli
1X flat leaf parsley (roughly chopped)
2ltr cotton seed oil for frying
100g sea salt
Butter Sauce
100g cold butter cubed
½ head of lemon grass chopped fine
150mls of white wine
50mls of cream
Juice of half a lemon
Tempura Batter
150g corn flour
150g plain flour
250 ml ice cold sparkling mineral water
1 X egg white
Sea salt to taste