Tandoori Snapper



Tandoori Paste Marinade: Dry roast all dry ingredients gently until a fantastic aroma comes from the spices (careful not to burn). Cool and pound in mortal and pestle. Add ginger, garlic with a pinch of sea salt, tomato paste and stir. Save 50g of yogurt and sour cream for a garnish later for plate. Add sour cream and yogurt to tandoori base. Score fish on skin side. Rub tandoori into the slits in the fish. Marinate fish for half hour only in the fridge.

Saffron fondant potatoes: Peel and slice potatoes into two inch slices. Cut circles out with a round cutter. Place in a frying pan and just cover your potatoes with fish stock, saffron and salt. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and cook until 90% of the liquid is gone. Add butter at this stage and glaze potatoes - keep warm until ready to serve.

Snapper: Cook snapper in olive oil - skin side down on moderate heat for ¾ of fish cooking time, turn, cook for a further few mins and turn off heat, leave the fish in the hot pan to finish cooking.

Snow Peas: Cook snow peas in boiling salted water for 45 seconds, drain, glaze with butter and season with salt and pepper.

Relish: Toss diced bananas, red onion, long red chilli, and diced avocado in a bowl with lime and lemon juice, mix with shredded coriander and mint, add a drop of olive oil. 

Plate: Place snow peas on the plate, top with fish. Place 3 -4 saffron potatoes on plate. Smear some mixture of yogurt and sour cream on the plate and place relish in the smear.

Paul's Tips: 1. make relish last thing as it's much better when just cut. 2. You can use any fish for this dish but it works best with reef fish. Enjoy folks! Cheers The Cook ! 




4 x snapper fillets
Dry roasting
40g paprika
20 g chilli powder
20g cumin seeds
20g coriander seeds
10g turmeric                          
20g fenugreek seeds
10g grated nutmeg
10g cinnamon
Tandoori paste marinade
50mls lemon juice
2x table spoons of tomato paste
2x cloves of garlic ( fine diced)
10g ginger (Fine diced)
100g yogurt 
150g sour cream
Banana and avocado relish
1x banana diced
1x avocado diced
½ a red onion fine dice
1 small birds eye red chilli seeds removed (fine dice)
5 mint leaves sliced
Drop of olive oil
½ limes juiced
1 x table spoon lemon juice
Saffron fondant potatoes
4 x large desiree potatoes
40g melted butter
Enough fish stock to cover potato.
Pinch of saffron
Snow peas
200g snow peas
Nob of butter