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Bonito are common to southeast coastal waters of the continent but can be found from Queensland around to Western Australia. The Australian Bonito continuously migrates along the eastern and southern coastlines. It will move into Bays and Harbours over the summer months to feed on the vast amounts of small bait fish that turn up every year with the warmer currents. Trolling small lures around headlands and along the coast is a top way to locate Bonito. I normally run out two small bibbed lures back about 30 metres and troll at 4 to 6 knots, working the rocky coast line along the Main headlands in 20 metres of water.  This works well if no surface action is seen early morning or late afternoon and will return good results. I troll my lures with 10kg braid and a leader of 15kg mono about 1metre as I don`t like losing to many lures! Have a look at the Shimano bait casters range like the Curado or the Chronarch and the Jewel 621 Barra BC rod will handle the job well. Keep your lures small, try the Stiffy Minnows or Stiify Barra Divers.


Surface action will provide you with the area to target, bonito will be seen leaping about as they feed madly on bait schools. You can troll this area which will provide good action but this is when light spinning tackle comes into its own. Let’s look at the gear suited for this type of fishing: I like a one handed spinning out fit like the Shimano Jewel 702 Salt water Spin rod to this match a 3000 Shimano Stradic reel spooled with Power Pro Braid 6kg and you have a top little spinning outfit great for Bonito, Salmon, Tailor. Metal lures that suit this spinning for Bonito are the small Spanyid range like the Sniper or Raider but remember most bait that Bonito feed on is rather small so small metals will give you the best results. Cast towards feeding schools and spinning back fast keeping the lure on surface or allow lure to sink deep if fish dive, spinning with metals is great fishing and will provide you with great action.