Smoked Fish & Caesar Salad



Salad:  Wash lettuce in cold water drain well place in bowl and cling wrap and put in fridge to crisp up. Slice bacon into strips and cook in moderate oven or under the grill until crisp drain in colander until all fat is removed put on kitchen paper pat dry. Bring a pot of water to the boil place 6 eggs in the water carefully and turn water down to a simmer cook for 7 mins remove eggs and cool. Peel eggs and reserve for later use. Trim asparagus spears and peel cook in boiling salted water for 1 min cool in ice cold water to stop asparagus from over cooking. To semi dry tomatoes place on grease proof paper cut in half or quarters Top with sea salt cracked black pepper chopped fresh thyme and olive oil. Place in oven at 80c cook over night ( this can be hard for domestic cooks you can buy semi dried tomatoes in good fruit and veg shops) Grate parmesan and save half of the block for shaving over salad.

Caesar Dressing:  Breakeggs into bowl whisk for at least two mins (this ensures that your dressing won’t split) Add oil slowly as dressing thickens you can add a little faster until consistency of mayonnaise thickens. Add mustard lemon juice and crushed garlic and salt and pepper to taste. All sorts of flavours can be added to this dressing some examples are anchovy fillets, chilli , sun dried tomato , basil pesto just to name a few.

Smoking Fish: (because I'm eating fish straight from the smoker and it's hot smoked I don’t put fish in a brine, I want to taste the fish and I only want it lightly smoked) Heat smoker, lightly grease bars on smoker to prevent fish from sticking. Place fish skin side down. Place lid on smoker. Half way through smoking take lid off, add squeeze of fresh lemon juice and some fresh crack black pepper. Cook for 5 to 10 mins depending on the thickness off the fish. Break fish into large flakes into bowl ensure no bones.

Plate: Tear lettuce into a large bowl add grated Parmesan and bacon, add caesar dressing, toss lightly, add half of the olives. Arrange salad on a large platter. Decorate with tomato olives and asparagus spears. Add fish to top, drizzle extra dressing and finish with peeled shards of parmesan





8x fish fillets (smoked)
2x coz lettuce
200g of bacon
6 x 55g eggs (hard boiled)
300g parmesan cheese (fresh)
100g semi dried tomato
80g kalamata black olives pitted
1x bunch asparagus spears
3 x eggs
1lr vegetable oil
black pepper and salt
100g seeded mustard
2 x lemons juiced
4 x cloves of garlic crushed