Pan Seared Flathead Fillets



Prep: Fillet and skin flathead, take out rib bones. Cover flathead and put in fridge. Pick leaves off Warrigal greens,

Cider reduction: Combine cider vinegar with sugar and reduce in a pot be careful not to burn - keep on moderate heat, reduce until it starts to coat back of the spoon it will thicken as it cools.
WARNING - this reduction will reach very high temperatures - don’t be tempted to taste until cool.
When reduction cools down put in plastic squeeze bottle - leave at room temperature.

Pea puree: Place peas in boiling salted water, cook until just cooked, push through sieve or a blender, add cream. Reserve for later use.

Apple cider vinaigrette: Combine oil and vinegar and season to taste with sugar, salt and pepper, reserve for salad.

Baby herb salad: Slice fennel and apple into fine strips put into lemon water to stop from going brown. Snip beetroot herbs and fennel tops with scissors, slice red onion fine.

Cooking and presenting: Heat non stick frying pan with olive oil and a knob of butter, Place flathead fillets in presentation side down. Cook until flathead fillet is nicely caramelised, add two slices of prosciutto then turn, cook for 1 more min and turn your frying pan off and the heat in the frying pan will keep cooking the fish while we move onto next step. Warm pea puree gently and thin down with cream adding a little at a time. Combine all salad ingredients toss lightly with cider vinaigrette, blanch warrigal greens in salted water for no longer than one min. Place pea puree in centre of nice white plate, top with prosciutto then Warrigal greens, next top with flathead, finish with baby herb salad and a line of apple cider reduction. Enjoy with a nice glass of
chilled white wine.


1 x Flathead filleted and boned
2 x Slices of prosciutto
1x Bunch Warrigal greens (you can use English spinach)
Pea Puree
200g green peas
50mls cream
Baby herb salad
100g fine sliced fennel
Snipped fennel tops
30g fine sliced red apple
20g fine sliced red onion
Baby beetroot herbs
Cider reduction
60mls sugar
200mls cider vinegar
Cider vinegrette
20mls cider vinegar
60 malls oil
Black pepper
Maldon sea salt
½ teaspoon of sugar to taste