Moroccan Spiced Golden Perch



Spice marinade: Dry roast cumin turmeric chilli flakes, cool and place in pestle and mortar. Add chopped coriander, sea salt & garlic. Pound in pestle and mortar into a paste, add squeeze of lemon and orange juice - marinate the fillets for two hours.

Paul’s tip: When marinating wear plastic gloves or you will have yellow hands for the rest of the day!

Chickpea and white bean salad: In a large bowl add chick peas, canolini beans, avocado cubed, dice red onion, 1 x lime segmented. Mix olive oil with caster sugar and lemon juice or lime juice and dress salad - reserve for later use.

Chilli and lime yogurt dressing: In a bowl mix yogurt, chilli - finely diced, honey and lime - reserve in fridge.

Cooking: Heat a non-stick frying pan with olive oil, place fillets skin side up, seal, its important to turn the frying pan down at this stage as the marinade can catch and burn giving the fish a bitter flavour, cook slowly then turn. Rest fish in the frying pan with the heat off, this will let the fish relax and keep cooking while you plate up the salad.

Plating: Simply place salad in centre of plate and top with your golden perch then finish with chilli honey yogurt.

Pauls tip: When cooking fresh water fish sometimes it can taste very muddy what I do to combat this is to purge my fillets in sea salt and fresh water for two hours. It makes a world of difference. Also take out the blood line - I like to call it the "mud" lines,  this is the red line running down the centre of each fillet.


2x fillets of yellow belly perch
Moroccan spice marinade
1x bunch fresh coriander

1x bunch of flat leaf parsley
4x garlic cloves

2x tablespoons ground cumin 

1x teaspoon ground turmeric

1x teaspoon of dried chilli

Sea salt flakes - pinch

2x lemons squeezed and juiced

1x orange squeezed and juiced

150mls olive oil
Chickpea and white bean salad
1x small tin of chick peas
1x small tin of canolini beans
2 x avocados
1/2 red onion diced
1x lime segmented
50mls olive oil
Caster sugar to taste
Chopped flat leaf parsley
Chilli and lime yogurt dressing
1x 250mls of natural yogurt
1x lime squeezed and juiced
½ a long chilli seeded and diced
Ground black pepper
1 teaspoon of honey