Lobster Mornay



Lobster: Place lobster into the freezer for 1 to 2 hours, this will render the lobster senseless preventing the lobster stressing which can cause the lobster meat to toughen. This is the most humane way to prepare the lobster. Bring a pot of well salted water to the boil. Place your lobster in the pot and cook for 1 min per 100g. For a 800g lobster cook for approx. 8min.  When lobster is cooked, cut the antenna and hang the lobster on the side off the pot by its tail to cool -  this will drain off any brown juices from the head into the pot leaving you with beautiful white tail flesh. With a large chef’s knife cut down the breast plate of the lobster leaving you with two lobster halves. Carefully remove the stomach and the intestinal tract, wipe out the head with clean kitchen paper. Remove white meat be careful to keep it all intact. With a sharp knife slice the white meat into medallions ready to put back into the shell with the Mornay sauce.

Mornay sauce: Stud half an onion with 4 cloves making sure you break of the tops off the cloves. Place this in a heavy based pot with 1lt of milk and bring slowly to the boil. Let the milk stand for 15 mins to half an hour to infuse. In a separate pot melt butter then and add plain flour, mix on a low heat until mixture thickens, this is called a roux. Add your milk to the roux making sure the milk is hot and onion is removed, add the milk a little at a time ensuring there are no lumps. Once all the milk is incorporated, cook the sauce out for 20mins on a very gentle heat stirring occasionally. After 20 min add cream and grated nutmeg to the sauce. Your sauce should be smooth and velvety. Take the sauce off the heat and add more cheese and stir-in until cheese melts. Add your peppercorn mustard and a hand full of chopped parsley. 

Grill Lobster: Place a couple off spoonful’s of Mornay sauce in the shell and place medallions of lobster meat back into the shell, top with more sauce, parsley, cheese and breadcrumbs. Brown under a hot grill until golden brown . Serve with some oiled green leaves and a side of french fries, enjoy with chilled Sauv blanc!




(Serves 4)
2 x Lobster
100g plain flour
100g Warrnambool butter
½ whole white onion
4 x cloves
1 ltr Jersey milk
100ml Jersey cream
10g grated nutmeg
50g grated Romano cheese
100g grated black pepper corn cheddar cheese
100g pecorino cheese
30g chopped flat leaf parsley
2x teaspoon of peppercorn mustard
150g white bread crumbs