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Forster is a twin town with Tuncurry on the NSW mid-north coast. Tuncurry actually means 'plenty of fish' and the towns are divided by Lake Wallis. The entire region along this stretch of coastline is know as the Great Lakes and is dotted with substantial estuaries and lakes providing some incredible fishing opportunities.

The Great Lakes region has a number of productive waterways

The Great Lakes region has a number of productive waterways

Luderick are a top species to target right through the winter months in most estuaries along the N.S.W. coast. They school in good numbers to feed along weedy drop-offs, rocky foreshores and around most structure like wharves and jetties. They are a great fish to target from small boats and for land based anglers. Luderick will feed on both tides, however the run-out tide is a favourite with many anglers. A long soft rod around 2 metres, 3to 6kgs and a small Shimano bait runner is ideal. Main line 6kg Schneider fine line and try their new Fluorocarbon leader in 3kg. First you will need a float stopper and then a stemmed float is added first to main line then a small swivel is added below the float tie on 1metre of leader and a number 8short shank hook above the hook at 300mm spacing, add split shots to weight your float and you’re ready to go. Burley is really important with Luderick and it’s simple to make, chop green weed nice and fine and then mix with damp sand and stale bread. Drop tennis ball size amounts on each drift with your float along the spot you’re fishing, a 10litre bucket full should be enough for a good session on Luderick.

Check out Paul's Crispy Skin Recipe

Check out Paul's Crispy Skin Recipe