Botany Bay

Botany Bay, NSW

Dusky Flathead
Blue Swimmer Crab

Stir Fried Crab
Pan seared Flathead

Kamay / Botany Bay National Park


In 1770 Captain Cook and his crew took their first steps on Australian soil at what is now Kamay National Park in Botany Bay . Their first documented meal here was stingray wings on Warrigal Greens - if only they had some soft plastics on them - they might have been able to pick up some nice flatties! The indigenous people of the area certainly knew how to live from the land, ancient middens can still be located in the park today. We targeted Flathead and Blue Swimmer crabs in the bay and took a tour with the local discovery ranger who was a wealth of information - well worth checking out the visitors centre and taking a tour when you visit.

A privilege to cook-up at Cook's Landing monument

A privilege to cook-up at Cook's Landing monument

Spinning for Flathead

The dusky is the largest member of the Platycephalidae family which contains more than 30 species. At least 14 of which are taken by anglers from time to time, they’re found right around Australia’s coastal waters and estuary systems. Most of the more common flathead can be identified by carefully examining the colouration and markings on the tail or caudal fin. The dusky flathead is common in estuary systems and is a regular catch by anglers fishing Botany Bay. Flathead are ambush predators and spinning with soft plastics like Squidgies are a deadly way to target this speices. They will lay covered in sand ready to strike at small prey that comes within range. Best methods are to drift in water depth of 1 to 5metres. Cast soft plastics working them with small flicking movement adding life to your plastic so your lure jumps up and down from the bottom as you drift, flathead find this hard to refuse. The outfit that I use for Flathead spinning is the Shimano Rack Raider 6`8`` matched with a Shimano Twin power 2500 thread line reel and spooled with power pro braid 4kg and a leader of about 1metre of 10kg mono, this outfit is well balanced and nice and light allowing you to cast all day.