Coconut chilli crabs



Humane way to kill crabs: If you are going to use live crabs as we did in the show it's important to dispatch them in a humane way. A common technique used commercially is to put crabs to sleep in ice salted water for 2hrs before cooking.

Cut crabs into quarters, remove dead mans fingers.
Heat wok until smoking
Add crab and stir in aromatics - chilli, garlic, onion, lemon grass, coriander root, & ginger
Add coconut cream
Bring to the boil, simmer for 4 mins
Add cooked pumpkin and cooked green beans
Add a few splashes of fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar

Taste: Correct seasoning it might need more lime juice or fish sauce

To plate: Boil noodles for 3mins, drain, place in a bowl
Arrange crab neatly in centre of the plate.

This to me is summer on a plate! Enjoy with an ice cold beer.




2x tins coconut cream
2 x blue swimmer crabs
1x long red chilli de-seeded chopped fine.
½ lemon grass chopped fine
½ red onion chopped fine
1x knob of ginger sliced fine strips
1x coriander root chopped fine (save leaves for garnish)
½ a bunch Thai Basil leaves
1 x kaffir lime leaf shredded fine
100g green beans (any green veg is good)
150g cooked butternut pumpkin cubed (I like to roast my pumpkin
in little olive oil and salt and pepper it gives it a natural sweetness)
Fish sauce to taste
50g palm sugar
1pkt of cooked rice glass noodles.
2x limes
150 mls vegetable oil