burning palms

LOCATION:                                                         Burning Palms, The Royal National Park, NSW

TARGET SPECIES                                             Drummer (rock blackfish)

COOKING METHOD:                                         Smoking - portable hot smoker

OTHER ACTIVITIES:                                             Hiking


ROCK FISHING - Scotty Lyons
Rock fishing has long been a favourite of mine, as a youngster my dad would drag me along to target bream and drummer from the stones, there’s something about standing on a rock platform with the white water washing around your legs in the middle of winter that’s hard to beat. Safety is by far the most important aspect of rock fishing, dad never fished alone and never fished deep water spots, preferring shallow rock spots at the end of beaches and bays, we always did well.

Gear needed for general rock fishing:
A good long rod of about 3metres like the Shimano Aero wave surf, a good match for this is the Shimano Spheros 8000FB spooled with 10kg power pro braid and a Schneider leader of 10kg mono, this will suit most species. I like to fish prawn baits in a bread burley and have found that this will work for many different species. The rig is simple, a small bobby cork and small sinker that both run to a number one hook. You will need a stopper above your float to set the depth that you're fishing.

Smoked fish with Caesar Salad - click for Paul's recipe

Smoked fish with Caesar Salad - click for Paul's recipe